Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers

Find a Wide Variety of Auto Scrubbers

Walk behind floor scrubbers make keeping smooth flooring surfaces clean a breeze! We carry a wide variety of auto scrubbers to help make your floor cleaning incredibly efficient. Whether you’re planning to use it in a commercial space, an educational facility, a large residence, or even an industrial facility, we have the right machine for the job – and we offer them at affordable prices to meet any budget. When you’re searching for the best walk behind automatic floor scrubbers, commercial carpet cleaners, truck mounts, cleaning solutions, and cleaning accessories, turn to the pros at Bay Area Floor Machine!

Woman using a walk behind floor scrubber

Reduce Time and Energy on Cleaning

Commercial-grade walk behind floor scrubbers can significantly reduce the time and energy spent on cleaning hard, shiny flooring, but how do you choose the right one for your business? Here are a few helpful things to keep in mind when shopping for an auto scrubber:

  • The space you’re cleaning. When choosing walk behind floor scrubbers, the size of the space you’ll be cleaning is one of the most important considerations. For most flooring, a push walk behind floor scrubber should be sufficient for areas that are less than 50,000 feet. If you’re planning to use one on a larger area, a ride on scrubber would be more efficient.
  • The tank size. It’s important to make sure that the scrubber has a large enough tank to save time from emptying and refilling tanks.
  • The power source. Battery operated scrubbers offer flexibility (no outlet is needed) and prevent tripping hazards since there is no cord.
  • The noise level. In some jobs, like hospitals or nursing home, the noise level of the machine may be an essential consideration.
  • How easy is the machine to operate? Can you use it intuitively?
  • Does the machine allow you to increase scrubbing pressure so you can handle all those tough to remove soils? Can you change the dilution level from full-strength to water only?

If you’re still having trouble deciding which walk behind floor machine would best meet your needs, we’re happy to make recommendations! We also carry a wide range of powerful cleaning solutions and all the accessories you need to make the job go faster. Stop by our shop today to take a look at what we have in stock or give us a call.

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