Floor Cleaning Machine Union City

The best floor cleaning machine near Union City is found at Bay Area Floor Machine Co. If you’re in the market for a new floor cleaning machine near Union City, we invite you to our San Jose showroom where we can help you find the perfect floor scrubber machine for your needs. Our goal is always to get our customers what they need without taking up too much of their valuable time. We’ll ask you questions about your cleaning business or maintenance department and help you make an informed decision regarding which floor scrubber machine is right for you. We only offer the best floor scrubber machine(s) because our customers deserve the very best.

Did you know we are certified in maintenance and repair of all the floor scrubbers we sell, and all other makes and models as well? Whether you own an auto scrubber, truck mount, commercial vacuum cleaner or any other floor machine, we are happy to provide scheduled maintenance and repairs to your machine. Scheduled maintenance saves you money in the long run because you’re eliminating surprise, and likely costly, breakdowns.

Why purchase a commercial floor cleaning machine?

It helps to create a more efficient business and takes a load off your employees. Our floor scrubber machines create a faster, more thorough clean. Meaning your employees have more time to spend on other tasks that are important to your business. The ease of use of the machine will also be helpful to everyone versus manually cleaning. A better clean, a faster clean, and an easier clean. It doesn’t get better than that! Come visit us at our showroom located at 652 Charles Street Unit B. San Jose, CA 95112 to learn more about what we can offer your company. Or, simply give us a call to learn more at (408)-971-1230.

Questions? Call us at 408.971.1230