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When you’re searching for the best commercial carpet cleaning equipment for your business, look no further than Bay Area Floor Machine. We carry new and high-quality deep-cleaning extractors to fit any needs or budget. We also offer maintenance, so you can keep your commercial carpet cleaner functioning at it’s very best. When you need the most effective commercial carpet cleaner equipment, we’ve got it all! For over 30 years, we’ve been the leading supplier of floor maintenance equipment, cleaning solutions, and accessories for the Bay Area.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Match your Equipment to your Everyday Tasks

The carpet cleaning industry has changed significantly over time, and today’s equipment – and methods of cleaning - are more specialized than ever. Not all machines or methods work with every type of carpeting, so it’s essential to match the equipment to the task at hand. The main types of commercial cleaning equipment used by commercial cleaners today are steam cleaning, shampooing, encapsulation, bonneting, and dry carpet cleaning.

Which carpet cleaning machine should you use?

Carpet Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaning, also known as the hot water extraction method uses a machine that applies high-pressured steam to the fibers of the carpet, dissolving dirt and grime and extracting it back into a holding tank. A steam cleaner requires a cleaning agent and a good portion of time for the carpets to dry – generally about 4 hours. Up until the 1970s, shampooing was a very popular method; however, the shampoo often left behind a sticky residue that tended to attract more dirt! That’s where foam encapsulation comes in.

Foam Encapsulation Cleaning Machines

Foam Encapsulation MachinesFoam encapsulation machines apply a layer of specially formulated foam that crystallizes around the dirt particles. Once the foam dries, it can be removed by a vacuum cleaner or brush. This method has become extremely popular because the machine requires less water, which contributes to a much faster drying time than steam cleaning. Encapsulation tends to be less effective for carpets with heavy soils. Bonneting is another type of carpet cleaning that is common in commercial spaces like hotels or those with high-traffic areas. A bonneting machine uses a heavy pad immersed in cleaning chemicals that essentially “rubs” the carpet; the abrasive action of the chemicals and pad removes the dirt from the carpet. The main disadvantage of this method is that it only removes surface soiling.

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