Industrial Floor Scrubber Union City

Ready to invest in your own industrial floor scrubber for your Union City company? Bay Area Floor Machine Co. is here to help. With decades of experience on selling, maintaining, and repairing professional floor cleaning equipment, we can offer all the support and service you need to select the industrial floor cleaning machine that’s right for you as well as maintaining it for many years to come. We offer an extensive selection of reputable brands including Saber Glide, T600, E20, Pro MicroRider, Recon, Tomcat, HERO, and more.

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Choosing to purchase your own industrial cleaning equipment is a pretty large step, but there are plenty of great reasons to do so. You can save on your custodial costs, ensure your janitorial staff has access to necessary equipment, and reduce rental costs related to maintaining a large facility. Our San Jose warehouse features an extensive catalog of industrial floor scrubber models that are available to our Union City and other nearby clients, plus the support you depend on from a qualified staff. Beyond merely selling you the equipment, we also provide complimentary training with every machine sold so you can feel confident in using your new industrial floor cleaning machine. We’ll also provide you with a recommended maintenance schedule to keep your equipment operating in top form and provide repairs with OEM parts when necessary. All of our work will stay within the bounds of your scrubber’s warranty, even if you didn’t originally purchase it from us.

Among the repair services we offer are truckmount installation and replacement, hose replacement, complete pump rebuilds, tool repair, and lots more. We’re seasoned experts in our industry and are proud to offer our customers throughout the Bay Area strong support to ensure they have everything they need for success. Whether you’re a facility manager or the owner of your own professional cleaning business, we’re here for you.

Whatever you need, give us a call at 408-971-1230 or reach out by email to Let us know what you’re looking for an industrial floor scrubber and we’ll help you choose what’s right for you and even help transport it to Union City if necessary.

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