Sensor S2 HEPA

by Windsor

The Sensor S2 12 HEPA and Sensor S2 14 HEPA are the market leaders in cleaning performance and reliability. HEPA final stage filtration comes standard on every vacuum for optimum indoor air quality. These lightweight and quiet vacuums are built for the performance needs of hospitality, education, healthcare and senior living markets.

  • HEPA final stage filtration
    • HEPA filter standard on every vacuum for better indoor air quality. 
    • Dual-stage filtration provides cleaner air to the filter, extending the life up to 200-300 hours, saving you time and money.
  •  Best warranty in it’s class

    • 3-year “bumper to handle” warranty, provides you the best protection the industry has to offer.
  • Reliability
    • Bag-full and check brush indicators are mechanical for even greater reliability.
  • Serviceability
    • Tool-free power cord change. 
    • All electronics located in the base of unit, eliminating wear on swivels and connectors, improving reliability and serviceability.
  • Extremely Quiet
    • Daytime cleaning and operation in noise-sensitive areas possible with the low noise level of 67 dB(A).