S-20 Disk Scrubber


S-20 – 20” (510 MM) AUTO SCRUBBER 

Highest value 20” scrubber available – top level specs, affordable price.

  • The brush assist model has: 130AH Lead Acid Batteries, On-board Charger & Pad Driver

  • The traction drive model has: 155AH Lead Acid Batteries, On-board Charger & Pad Driver

This machine may very well be the best value in auto scrubbers. The machine features specifications and attributes you would find in the premium price ranges, but at a mid-market price. Pacific Floorcare® is a truly U.S. based, privately-owned company uniquely positioned to bring together this offering; including key performance features like:

  • Disk scrubbing with .75 hp (560 W) brush motor at 230 rpm and up to 90 lb (41 kg) of down pressure

  • Optional BatteryShield™ - the first integrated automatic wet battery protection system (new option available in early 2014!)

  • Up to 3.5 hours of run time

  • On-board “1, 2, 3-Step” visual operation guide

  • Auto-on/off pad driver/brush system for disk head units

  • Optional HydroLink® single-point battery watering system

  • Combine this with true, OSHA recognized 63 dBA sound level and you have premium specifications and features at a mid-market price. It’s a high value for you and your operations.

The S-20, available as pad assist or traction drive, rotary disk or rectangle, high-rpm orbital-motion head, is Purpose Built™ for:

  • Daily scrubbing & project work (deep scrub or strip jobs) of smaller facilities
  • Dedicated facility or multi-facility route cleaning programs
  • Small rooms, detail & edge cleaning in larger facilities
  • Grout and porous floor scrubbing
  • Entry-ways & lobbies
  • Check-out aisles
  • Spill clean-up & water recovery