Hydro-Force™ Plus Injection Sprayer


Hydro-Force™ Plus Injection Sprayer

The original injection sprayer (100 – 1,000 PSI)

Finish Jobs Faster with Hydro-Force™ Injection Sprayers

For those that want an exceptional sprayer at a great price. The Hydro-Force Plus offers many of the great benefits of the Hydro-Force Pro injection sprayer including the same durable spray gun, stainless steel extension and long-lasting injection valve.


Most affordable sprayer on the market
Operating pressure range of 100-1,000 PSI
Eliminates annoying mixing required by pump up sprayers


Blow molded, 5 qt. transparent container
7 dilution ratios using metering tip kit NA0816A (sold separately)
Spray gun rated at 2600 PSI and 7 GPM
Chemically-resistant seals
18" stainless steel wand