CRZ Rider Scrubber Dryer


CRZ Floor Scrubber Dryer:

Tomcat's CRZ Rider Floor Scrubber Dryer is known for its simple design and durable construction, offering unmatched value for the customer. The CRZ Floor Scrubber Dryer comes equipped with a powerful front-wheel drive for climbing ramps and max operator ease. Features of the drive system include: automatic parking brake and reducing of transport speed while scrubbing or reversing to maintain life of the squeegees.

While keeping with the constant durability that Tomcat machines have to offer, your operators will find the CRZ Floor Scrubber Dryer easy to maneuver and simple to service. The deck is protected by heavy duty metal shrouds or large polyurethane rollers to keep the unit from marking walls and your investment safe.

Tomcat's CRZ Rider Scrubber Dryer are tough, compact scrubbers that offer the great productivity of Rider machines but with better maneuverability than Walk Behinds. 

Tomcat's CRZ Rider Scrubber Dryer are offered in two different versions, the CRZ-ST and CRZ-HD. The HD (Heavy Duty) version comes with the following upgrades over the ST (Standard):

  • Upgrade to 1.5hp brush motors
  • Upgrade to 310ah battery pack, with the option to upgrade to 360ah batteries

The Central Command II systems on all of our Rider machines include: a LCD readout, on-board machine diagnostics, and 3 different hour meters. Also, if machine batteries become too discharged, the CRZ automatically shut down all systems except "transport", enabling the operator to still make it back to the charge station.


  • Brush / Pad Selection
  • Lowest Maintenance Cost
  • Gimballed Drivers Improves Cleaning On Irregular Floors
  • Brushes Individually Driven For Unmatched Performance

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