Cleanco Compact 45

by Cleanco

Compact 45 - Easy to Use Cleaning Equipment

Complete truckmount operation starts with the precisely designed control panel featuring a gauge monitoring package, pressure & temperature controls and a dual speed setting for upholstery, carpet or hard surface cleaning.  Truckmount operation is powered by an E.T.M. (Electronic Throttle Module) which maintains the van engine speed at a consistent RPM, increasing vacuum performance by 30% and reducing fuel consumption to only 1.5 gallons per operating hour.

(*As tested by GM installation)


  • High Heat: up to 240°F working water temperatures for exceptional cleaning results
  • Powerful Performance: 365 CFM for fast drying time, adjustable pressure up to 1200 PSI for upholstery, carpet and hard surface cleaning
  • Fuel Efficiency: the Electronic Throttle Module (ETM) regulates the van RPM reducing fuel consumption
  • Compact Design: 25" is all that’s required, leaving the rest of your cargo space available for other equipment
  • Safety Features: Park Break Sensor, High Temperature Shutdown, Waste Tank Full Shutdown and Security Hose Ports to keep your equipment safe while you work
  • Warranty: 5 Year Extend-A-Care Warranty protects your investment for years to come


  • Engine: Direct drive system powered by host vehicle engine
  • Blower: Roots 45 Whispair DSL (dual splash lubricant, no grease fittings), 365 CFM, oil site lines & lube port on front panel
  • Filter System: Twin 2.5" stainless steel blower protection filters, lift out lint basket
  • Pump: 5CP Cat Pump, clutch activated, 1200 PSI factory setting adjustable down to 50 PSI
  • Heat Method: Dual reverse flow heat exchangers, 200°F water temperature up to 240°F with optional Heat Max P.T.I. post heat system
  • Gauge Package: vacuum gauge, hour meter, blower speed tachometer, water pressure gauge, water temperature gauge
  • Waste Tank: 100 gallon powder coated 3/16 marine aluminum with ‘Flow Max’ unrestricted airflow design, sloped floor for easy draining, 120 gallon optional
  • Drain System: 2" drain valve or optional external auto drain
  • Freshwater Tank: optional 125 gallon Aqua Reel tank
  • Dimensions: 58" L x 25" W x 37" H
  • Weight: 656 lbs