Warehouse Floor Scrubber

Are your warehouse floors looking worn, stained or discolored? Is it beginning to reflect an image of inefficiency? Worse, is built-up grime interfering with workflow? If your current floor cleaning equipment is old and unreliable, a new warehouse floor scrubber from Bay Area Floor Machine is exactly what your business and floors need. We have the widest selection of floor scrubbers in the San Jose area, including top brands like Pacific Floorcare, Karcher, Hawk, and more. We offer these name-brand machines at prices lower than our competitors. In addition, we have a wide range of other types of floor cleaners, accessories, and products. We also repair and service nearly every type of machine, making Bay Area Floor Machine the go-to source for all of your commercial floor cleaning equipment needs!

Warehouse Floor ScrubberWe understand that investing in an industrial sweeper or floor scrubber is a big investment. We want you to feel confident you are making the right choice for your bottom line. Big box stores have only limited options at high prices. We offer floor scrubbers for every possible application and carry only the highest-quality equipment. Can you go to your big box store if there is a problem with your equipment? When you just can’t afford to go out and buy a new machine, we will be there for you when your current machine isn’t working efficiently. 

We sell more than just warehouse floor scrubbers. We also sell burnishers, carpet cleaners, truck-mounted equipment, sweepers and vacuums. Because we sell new machines, repair nearly every old machine, and offer a dazzling inventory of products and accessories, you can count on us to be your one-stop shop of commercial floor cleaning equipment! To find the perfect industrial sweeper or scrubber to keep your business looking and functioning great, call us today at 408-971-1230 or visit us in the heart of San Jose. We’re open Monday through Friday and can’t wait to help you make your commercial floor look and function like brand-new!

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