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Urine Pre Treatment provides the ultimate in carpet urine removal; not only does it remove the putrid smell, it also prevents the production of urine-related ammonia gasses. Urine Pre Treatment quickly dissolves urine salts and organic compounds, allowing you to thoroughly rinse them from the carpet with ease. If you’re looking for an ideal carpet and fabric pre-treatment that can handle urine staining and odors effectively, look no further. As the leader in floor maintenance and cleaning solutions in San Jose CA, we’re proud to offer the highest quality, commercial strength cleaning solutions for all your flooring needs.

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Urine Pre Treatment is an ideal pretreatment, as it leaves carpeting and fabrics with an ideal pH level that allows other types of enzyme-based odor destroyers to fully penetrate and life odors. It’s easy to use; simply dilute 1-part solution with 3 parts water and apply the mixture to the area with the urine deposit. Allow a dwell time of 5-10 minutes, and then follow up with a steam-cleaning. For areas with heavy deposits, you can use the full-strength solution. As with any cleaning agent, it’s always recommended you test the area for color fastness. This product does give off strong vapors that can irritate lungs, so it’s necessary to wear a respirator and make sure that the area you’re using it in is well-ventilated.

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