Ultrapac Trafficlean San Jose CA

High traffic areas need a powerful, super-concentrated pre-treatment cleaner that can easily lift and remove heavy dirt and grime; if you have a heavily soiled area, Ultrapac Trafficlean can handle the job. Prochem’s Ultrapac Trafficlean is a super-concentrated spray that’s ideal for cleanups in severely grimy commercial venues like restaurants and auto repair companies. At Bay Area Floor Machine Co, we strive to provide the very best cleaning options for your flooring needs. With over 30 years of experience, we’re the leader in supplying quality flooring cleaners and cleaning equipment for the San Jose, Ca area.

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Ultrapac Trafficlean is a specialty pre-treatment that’s the number one choice for professional carpet and rug cleaning. It contains a powerful blend of industrial-grade surfactants, detergents and premium solvents that work to quickly break down grease, oils and other hard to remove grime. Prochem Ultrapac Trafficlean has a pH of 9.5-9.8, giving it powerful lifting power while still being safe enough to preserve the stain-resistance warranty of residential 5th generation carpet. Since it’s highly concentrated, (1 gallon makes up to 33 gallons of diluted pre-spray) it’s an incredibly economical choice for all your high traffic cleaning needs.

In addition to Ultrapac Trafficlean, we carry an assortment of the finest and most efficient cleaning solutions available in the industry. We also offer:

We’re dedicated to providing a wide range of efficient, high-quality commercial floor maintenance equipment, supplies, and services designed to keep residential and commercial flooring spotless and in excellent condition. Have you recently purchased new equipment from us, but aren’t exactly sure how to use it? We also provide free training with every purchase. Whether you’re interested in flooring options for your San Jose, Ca cleaning business, your home, or your commercial space, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today and find out how we can assist with your floor cleaning needs!

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