Ultrapac Extreme San Jose CA

When you need a professional carpet cleaning solution that’s economical and powerfully effective, Ultrapac Extreme is the product for the job. Using state-of-the-art nanotechnology to release and suspend grime from carpet strands, Ultrapac is capable of quickly and more efficiently remove staining and dirt than any product out on the market today. We’re dedicated to offering San Jose, Ca the most effective floor cleaning solutions and equipment available.

The Right Solutions For Your Business

Ultrapac Extreme comes in a convenient and economical powder that dissolves quickly and easily in any temperature of water. Its unique hydro coating technology allows it to dissolve evenly without clumping and hardening- even at high concentrations. Once prepared, the solution won’t separate, so you can mix up a batch and store it indefinitely. In addition, Ultrapac features a pH stabilizing buffering system that will prevent the solution from becoming too hot (alkaline)- an issue that many carpet cleaners have which can damage the carpet fibers.

Prochem Ultrapac provides proven deep-cleaning power and odor control with minimal residue, making it a top choice for cleaning industry professionals. It’s also extremely easy to use. Simply pre-test and pretreat soiled areas as needed, vacuum the area, and then apply the mixed solution at a rate of 0.5 gallons per 100 square feet of carpet. Brush or rake the fibers and allow 15 minutes of dwell time (don’t allow the carpet to dry). Rinse Ultrapac Extreme using your rinse extraction of choice and allow the carpet to dry.

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