Odorcide Original Scent San Jose CA

If you’re looking for a non-enzymic, effective odor remover that quickly eliminates offensive odors without the need for dwell-time, you’re looking for Odorcide Original Scent. Odorcide provides instant, powerful odor removal with a fresh, clean scent and long-lasting results for even the worst offenders – pet urine included! As the San Jose CA leader in floor maintenance for over 30 years, we’re dedicated to offering the most effective cleaning solutions, equipment and supplies on the market.

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Odorcide is incredibly effective and easy to use as either a one-time or on-going odor eliminator. For use on carpet, locate the area with the odor and thoroughly vacuum the area to remove any loose dirt or debris. Mix the concentrated Odorcide Original Scent with water at dilution of 1:16, and then saturate the area up to 50% beyond the odor spot. Don’t feel like measuring and mixing? We also offer convenient, ready-to-use Odorcide Spray! Simply point, spray, and let the spot dry. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Odorcide Original Scent is fast, effective, and safe to use on any surface.

Whether you’re looking for powerful cleaning solutions or commercial grade cleaning equipment, we’ve got you covered. We also offer repair and service on a wide range of floor maintenance equipment like vacuums, floorscrubbers, buffers, sanders, and pressure washers- just to name a few. Our factory-trained personnel will have your equipment up and running in no time. We offer convenient drop off and pick up options and “floor test” every repair we do to make sure that your equipment is operating at factory specifications. 

With a highly knowledgeable and skilled team, we’re the leading floor cleaning supply company in the San Jose Ca area! Give us a call today at 408-971-1230 or stop by the store to discuss your flooring needs!

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