Floor Scrubber

Floor Scrubber

Maintenance departments and commercial cleaning services frequently use a floor scrubber as a major tool to get the toughest jobs done right.  Investing in the best possible equipment and keeping it running smoothly with regular maintenance are absolutely essential to serving your customers.  If you depend on floor cleaning equipment, including a floor scrubber, to keep your business running smoothly, then you can depend on Bay Area Floor Machine Company. We sell top quality floor cleaning equipment of all kinds, stock supplies and accessories, and offer a full service maintenance and repair department.  We even offer on-site maintenance and repair services, because we know that your time is valuable.

A Floor Scrubber for Every Situation

When choosing a new carpet sweeper, your primary choice is whether a ride on floor scrubber or a walk behind floor scrubber will better suit your needs.  Of course, many maintenance departments choose to have both for maximum versatility.  Some key questions to consider are the area to be cleaned daily, staffing requirements, and how much maneuverability is required.  In general, a ride on floor scrubber allows you to clean a large area fast, and is ideal for large areas with a simple layout such as event spaces and gymnasiums.  However, you do sacrifice some maneuverability for this efficiency.  Ride on equipment is not ideal for locations with lots of nooks and crannies.  Often, these areas require touch ups with smaller handheld equipment, potentially negating the time savings.

Walk behind equipment can be a great compromise for many customers, combining power, speed, and agility. Cost, of course, is always a factor when purchasing a floor scrubber or other large cleaning equipment, and this is why Bay Area Floor Machine Company stocks only the highest quality equipment at each price point.  While we want to save our customers money whenever possible, it should never be at the expense of quality. We don’t stock equipment that cuts corners (except, of course, when you need it to get in the tightest spaces!).

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