Commercial Vacuum Salinas

Is there leftover debris on your carpet after the first pass? Is your vacuum cleaner breaking down constantly? You might need a new commercial vacuum for your Salinas business, or repair and service from experts. The professional at Bay Area floor Machine can help you decide what your best option when you shop for commercial vacuums. Situated just off the Old Bayshore Highway in San Jose, we are the leading location for sales and service of floor cleaning equipment in the greater Bay Area. To keep your floors in top condition, we have a nearly endless selection of floor cleaning machines, products, and services!

A reliable, powerful vacuum keeps dust in check and keeps carpets prepared for specialized deep cleaning. With more than 30 years in the business, we can help you choose the best possible vacuum for your facility and budget. In fact, we have such a large selection, your budget doesn’t have to be limited. You can have the features and quality you need. Besides, the cost of an inefficient low-quality machine will run you more over the long haul. We carry only reliable, well-made equipment in every price category.

Our Other Services

Our experts can also tell you if your machine just requires service and repair instead of replacement. We can diagnose and let you know how much commercial life your machine has. You can bring your commercial floor cleaning equipment to our San Jose facility or we can go to your business—your choice. Our professional repairs include floor testing so that you can feel confident your machine has been fixed right the first time!

Clean, beautiful floors make your facility more attractive and efficient for employees and clients. A high-powered commercial vacuum for your Salinas business is an investment in the future. Of course, you can do more than shop for commercial vacuums with us. We also offer sweepers, burnishers, and autoscrubbers to keep your floors free from dirt and grime. For the very best machines, products, and services, call Bay Area Floor Machine today at 408-971-1230!

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