Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment Gilroy

Employees and clients step and spill on it. Equipment and furniture get pushed over the top of it. Your commercial carpet endures rough treatment which is why you require commercial carpet cleaning equipment for your Gilroy business from Bay Area Floor Machine. We offer only top-notch floor cleaning machines at the lowest possible pricing! Conveniently located near the 101 and 880 freeway interchange in San Jose, we also offer reliable service and repair of commercial floor machines. In addition, we can get you just about every possible floor cleaning accessory and supply. We have the expertise and inventory to provide you with solutions for your commercial floor cleaning needs!

From autoscrubbers to vacuum cleaners, we have the largest selection of floor cleaning machines in a wide price range. This allows you to feel assured you’re making an excellent long term decision for your business. Our friendly customer service staff makes sure you get the correct machine ASAP. We listen closely to better understand the many variables about your floor, use, and business. We then make sure that you get the floor machine best matched to the demands of your facility. Because we have extensive knowledge and have done the research, you can make informed choices you feel great about!

We also repair and service nearly every piece of commercial equipment at our San Jose facility. Another option is to send a factory-trained technician to your location. Our techs inspect, diagnose and troubleshoot. This includes installing new batteries and properly disposing of old batteries. We always floor test every machine before we return it to you to make sure it meets our high standards. For commercial carpet cleaning equipment in Gilroy, call Bay Area Floor Machine at 408-971-1230. When you trust us to do what we do best, which is to give you high end sales and repair of commercial floor cleaning equipment, you can then do what you do best, which is run your business!

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