Carpet Cleaning Machine Repair Sunnyvale

Bay Area Floor Machine provides affordable, reliable carpet cleaning machine repair in Sunnyvale. Contact us, and we can send a highly-trained technician to your place of business to repair and service your commercial equipment. Your second option is to bring your carpet cleaning machine to our San Jose facility near the 880 and 101 interchange. One way or another, our technicians will expertly inspect, diagnose, and troubleshoot your machine. This includes floor testing each machine to make sure it is running right. For professional carpet machine repair, call the experts at 408-971-1230!

Commercial wear and tear can soil and stain carpets quickly, especially when your cleaning equipment breaks down. Carpet cleaning equipment, such as extractors and vacuums, needs to be operating at their best to keep up with the grind. Fortunately, when you run into trouble, our friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff makes sure you get a tech who knows how to work on your machine. They arrive with a full inventory of OEM parts, so repairs get done quickly and efficiently. When needed, we’ll even install new batteries and properly dispose of the old ones.

Sidelined carpet cleaning equipment costs your company money, time, and takes you away from more critical tasks. To make sure you can focus on your business, we recommend our planned maintenance programs. These plans keep your machine and floors performing at the highest level. A small, budgeted investment today decreases the chances of breakdowns down the road!

The unfortunate fact is that at some point in time, your equipment becomes so undependable that carpet machine repair is no longer cost-effective. We’ve got you covered there, too, with the largest inventory of new equipment in the Bay Area. This includes sweepers, carpet cleaners, autoscrubbers, and burnishers offered at a range of prices to give you equipment that fits your budget and floor cleaning needs. We also have a complete selection of accessories and solutions, including boosters, carpet pre-sprays, deodorizers, spotters, and more!

When you want carpet cleaning machine repair in Sunnyvale you can depend on, give us a call or email us at today!