Carpet Cleaning Machine Repair Fremont

Without proper care, carpets can look dirty and faded. Bay Area Floor Machine offers dependable carpet cleaning machine repair in Fremont. We have factory-trained technicians we can dispatch to your facility to repair and service nearly every piece of commercial equipment. Or, you can bring your machine to our San Jose facility. In either case, our techs expertly inspect, diagnose, and troubleshoot your machine, including floor testing each piece of equipment to ensure it is operating to factory specs. For carpet machine repair you can rely on, call 408-971-1230 today!

Daily foot traffic causes dirt and grime to build up. When your cleaning equipment isn’t working right or breaks down, your carpets quickly begin looking shabby. You need your carpet cleaning machines, such as extractors and vacuums, to be in top shape to keep up with the demands of commercial cleaning. Our customer service staff is friendly and knowledgeable and makes sure you get a technician who knows your machine inside-out. Techs carry a full stock of OEM parts, so repairs get done quickly and efficiently. If required, we even install new batteries and properly dispose of the old ones.

We know that broken-down equipment is more than just inconvenient. Downtime costs your company money and other valuable resources. That’s why we recommend our planned maintenance programs to keep your machine and floors performing at their highest levels. A small investment in your machine can increase its lifespan by decreasing the chance of future breakdowns.

Sometimes, though, your current equipment is so out-of-date and unreliable that carpet machine repair is not your best option—it might be the right time to consider a new machine. We have the largest inventory in the region, from autoscrubbers to burnishers. This includes offering new equipment at multiple price points, enabling you to choose a machine that best fits your budget and floors. We also have a comprehensive range of accessories and solutions, such as boosters, carpet pre-sprays, deodorizers, spotters, and more!

When it comes to commercial floor cleaning equipment, Bay Area Floor Machine has it all! For reliable, affordable carpet cleaning machine repair in Fremont, call or email us at today.