Boxxer 423 Hydramaster San Jose CA

If you’re in the market for a new truckmount, consider the Boxxer 423 Hydramaster from San Jose CA’s premiere floor machine retailer, the Bay Area Floor Machine Co. The Boxxer 423 builds on the brand’s previous Boxxer 421, but introduces an entirely new level of durability, reliability, and serviceability. And when you purchase your Hydramaster Truck Mount from our company, you get more than just a new piece of machinery. You’ll be developing a relationship with a retailer who knows the intricacies of facility management inside and out. Not only do we sell floor cleaners and sweepers--we also service them. Whether your new Boxxer 423 is in need of regularly scheduled maintenance, or a larger repair, you can trust that we always have OEM parts in stock in our San Jose service center. By floor testing all of our machines, and servicing many of them directly in your facility, you’ll know that the cleanliness of your facility will never be in jeopardy.

What Does It Do?

Why choose the Boxxer 423 hydramaster truck mount? This unit features reduced noise produced by optimized airflow, as well as consistent heat performance and an easy-access heat exchanger for simpler servicing. The Boxxer 423 can clean anything your facility can throw at it--dirty carpet, delicate upholstery, or grimy concrete flooring. It even uses less water than previous models, and many other truck mounts on the market.

Do You Have Other Truckmounts?

Of course, we have a wide range of truckmounts available. To learn more about everything we have on offer at Bay Area Floor Machine Co., visit our showroom in San Jose. Our friendly sales associates are ready to help you choose your next floor machine. They’ll never oversell you, but will help you select the best unit for your facility and your price range. We know that cleaner floors impact your employee’s well being, the comfort of your customers, and your bottom line. To see the Boxxer 423 Hydramaster in San Jose CA, call us today at (408) 971-1230, our sales specialists are ready and waiting to talk to you.

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