All Fiber Rinse San Jose CA

When you’re dealing with stubborn staining, you need All Fiber Rinse – a rinse extraction detergent and deodorizing solution that truly works. This rinse works quickly and effectively to lift soils and cleaning residues better than water alone. Say goodbye to persistent stains and odors with this incredibly powerful solution that can be used as an after-spray or rinse agent. When you’re looking for the very best in floor care solutions in the San Jose, Ca area, turn to the leader in floor maintenance, Bay Area Floor Machine Co!

Your Carpet Cleaning Solution

All Fiber Rinse is effective on all fibers and surfaces and comes with a ready to use pH of 4.5 – 5.5; it contains a unique, high tech extraction rinse that leaves carpet and upholstery brilliantly clean and luxuriously soft to the touch. This solution has a pleasant smell and is also extremely effective as a pet odor deodorizer or for removing stubborn tannin spots. The unique solution helps to stabilize dyes while inhibiting browning and color bleeding.

All Fiber Rinse is easy to use and can be diluted from 1 to 8 ounces per gallon depending on the application. As a spray rinse, mix 4 to 6 ounces per gallon, applying 1 gallon RTU per 200-500 square feet (depending on pile density); vacuum extract or rake the solution into the carpet for best results. As a pet odor deodorizer and urine remover, mix 6 to 8 ounces per gallon of water; saturate the urine spotted areas at 1 gallon RTU per 50-100 square feet (depending on pile density); allow 15 minutes dwell time, and then extract.

Pet staining and odors can damage flooring, furniture and make an environment downright unpleasant. Many products claim they can remove odors, only to temporarily cover up the smell. All Fiber not only effectively removes stubborn pet odors and staining, but also neutralizes alkalinity and detergent residues. Contact us today to learn more about this and other quality floor maintenance and cleaning solutions for the San Jose, Ca area.

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