FlexSpray Handheld

by Titan

FlexSpray™ puts the power of airless and the control of HVLP into one versatile sprayer creating the first multi-tool for professionals. FlexSpray’s advanced technology was developed for professionals who spray a variety of coatings with multiple applications. Just pull the trigger and your interior, exterior or fine finishing project will finish with ease.

  • Built with Jetforce Technology® delivering the power of a 4 stage turbine
  • 10x the life of a handheld airless sprayer
  • Control that delivers a vertical, horizontal or round fan pattern
  • The revolutionary Quick Change System allows you to change coatings and applications in a snap
  • Change from the high production FlexFinish front end to the precise FineFinish front end with a twist

This unit comes with 50’ of hose and two green tips to allow for lower flow rate of the disinfectant.  This will cover 30,000/sq. ft. per hour.  Higher volume for more productivity.  Offers a uniform spray pattern. 0-80 microns. 4 year warranty.

For the Impact 410 you can combine up to six, 50’ hoses for a total of 300’. Hoses are not quick disconnect, they are wrench connect pieces due to the psi.


Q: Is the Handheld Sprayer or Impact 410 Sprayer Electrostatic?

A: No. Electrostatic sprayers are often highly ineffective because the  positively charged product coming out of the spray gun is not heading towards a negatively charged surface. Without the two polar opposites, attraction does not occur..  They also don’t put out enough product to wet the surface efficiently  reducing the productivity compared to the Flex spray.


Q: Is this a wet or dry application? If wet, what is the dry time?

A: Both Units offered are a wet application, and the dry-time would be determined by the manufacturer of the disinfectant products used.


NOTICE: Effective immediately, all sales are final and no returns will be accepted for disinfectants/sanitizers, disinfectant applicators, and personal protective equipment (PPE);  including gloves, masks, and coveralls