Liquid CBS

by Esteam

Liquid CBS is an ultra concentrated liquid emulsifier effective on a broad spectrum of soiled fibres. Its unique cutting edge technology rapidly dissolves oils and greasy soils, delivering superior cleaning results. Liquid CBS is formulated for both residential and commercial carpet leaving them Cleaner, Brighter and Softer.

  • V.O.C. compliant

  • Powerful grease cutting action

  • Ultra concentrated for economical use

  • Meets specifications for use on stain resistant carpets

  • Diluted pH: 9.9-10.6


Pretest in an inconspicuous location for color fastness and fibre stability.

Light Soil Conditions: Dilution rate 1:960 Medium Soil Conditions: Dilution rate 1:640 Heavy Soil Conditions: Dilution rate 1:320

For medium soil conditions dilute using the following directions: Truckmount Metering System: Mix 20 oz (590 ml) of Liquid CBS into 5 gal (18.9 L) of water to make a concentrated solution. Standard meter setting is 2-3 GPH depending on soil conditions.

Tank Mixing: Mix 20 oz (590 ml) of Liquid CBS to 100 gal (378) of fresh water (1:640 Dilution).

Portable Use: Mix 1 oz (29.57 ml) of liquid CBS to every 5 gal
(18.9 L) of fresh water. Dilution may vary depending on soil conditions (1:640 Dilution).

NOTE: Do not mix Esteam Liquid CBS with any other chemical product.