Counter Strike Surface Disinfecting System


The COUNTER STRIKE surface disinfecting system is a complete solution for quickly disinfecting surfaces and touch-points in facilities and public areas. This system provides the operator with a compact, powerful package for quick application of disinfecting chemicals in a fine mist to multiple types of surfaces and touch-points in nearly any location.

COUNTER STRIKE is a 5 gallon machine with a 220 psi solution pump for optimum productivity. Standard tools include commercial tough misting gun for quick, effective application of disinfecting chemical.  It also includes an industrial 25 ft. solution hose with brass quick connects, and a 25 ft. industrial power cord.

The on-board tool caddy system simplifies transporting the COUNTER STRIKE to the job location with all tools and chemical necessary to complete the surface disinfecting job in one trip.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable, light-weight, compact body with folding handle
  • Top mounted chemical tray, misting gun holster, and large rear wheels for easy transport
  • 220 PSI pump, optimal rate of solution dispensing for maximum productivity
  • 5-Gallon solution tank for larger coverage, reducing downtime from needing to refill solution
  • Compatible with most commercial disinfectants
  • 37” commercial tough misting gun for extended reach to high and low areas with ease
  • Atomizing spray tip provides 70 Micron droplet size for finer misting and better saturation control with in-line filter to minimize clogging
  • Twist off spray tip for easy maintenance or replacement
  • 25’ industrial solution hose with quick connects
  • 25’ industrial detachable power cord
  • 5 year warranty on parts & labor (machine only)