VR Rider Sweeper San Jose CA

A VR Rider Sweeper from San Jose CA’s Bay Area Floor Machine Co. can bring exactly the list of features you need for your business, all at a lower price. If you’re looking for a Rider Sweeper from a name you can trust, why not consider the Tomcat VR Rider Floor Sweeper? It’s compact, but never light-duty, and can handle whatever you can throw at it--whether you need to sweet up dirt, dust, metal shavings, foundry sand, bolts, paper, wood, and more. This sweeper is optimized for factories, and is also one of the best sweepers when you need to vacuum and groom astroturf in outdoor spaces. Built on the success of Tomcat’s Model 34 (now retired), this sweeper is exactly what your facility needs, no matter the peculiarities of your application.

We Are Here To Help!

This VR Floor Sweeper is just one of the many models offered by Bay Area Floor Machine Co. If you’re a facilities director, you know the importance of having a salesperson who understands not only their machines, but your needs as well. Our employees can help guide you in the selection of the perfect floor sweeper for your facility, whether it’s a Tomcat VR Rider Floor Sweeper or a Galaxy Brand carpet cleaner. Plus, we offer cleaning solutions that are optimized for use with your floor sweeper, whether you need a descaler or something to remove stubborn and persistent coffee stains.

Purchasing your VR Rider Sweeper from San Jose CA’s Bay Area Floor Machine Co. is only the beginning of your journey with us. We can also help you with regularly scheduled maintenance on your machine and with any repairs that might be needed. With a huge stock of OEM parts, we can keep your Tomcat running in factory condition. We know how important your floor cleaner can be to the cleanliness of your facility and comfort of your employees and customers. That’s why you should call us at 408.971.1230 today.

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