Vacuum For Hotels

It is important to remove dust and debris from your hotel floors. A commercial vacuum for hotels is a critical piece of building maintenance and janitorial service equipment. A reliable, powerful vacuum keeps dust in check and keeps carpets prepared for specialized deep cleaning. Call Bay Area Floor Machine if you are looking for high-quality vacuum cleaners for hotels or other commercial facilities. Located off the Old Bayshore Highway, we are the Bay Area leader in the sales and service of floor cleaning equipment. 

We have the top selection of hotel vacuums available in the region. One of the most important factors when considering a new piece of equipment is budgeting. It should not stop you from getting the features and quality you need. Unfortunately, taking a shortcut now may cost you in the long run if you wind up with inadequate, unreliable equipment. When you buy from us, you guarantee quality equipment and service. We only carry reliable, well-made products in every price category. For example, the Windsor Sensor SRS is an upright that features a smart electronic control system with indicator warning lights to alert the operator to full bags, clogs, jams, and brush height. The machine will shut off if these lights are ignored, saving you from expensive repairs.   

We can also help you if your needs go beyond vacuum cleaners for hotels, offering sweepers, burnishers, and autoscrubbers. Sweepers pick up dirt and debris in industrial settings and then vacuum it into bags or compartments. Burnishers are critical to making hard floors shine and are the key to bringing out the beauty in your vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and engineered wood floors. Autoscrubbers take commercial floor cleaning to the next level. They remove grime to keep your floor at top efficiency for equipment and workers. We can also repair and service nearly every piece of commercial floor cleaning equipment at our San Jose facility or on-site at your business!

Call Bay Area Floor Machine at 408-971-1230 to keep your floors free from dirt and grime! 

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