Truck Mounts Near Me

Truck Mounts Near Me

When searching for truckmounts near me, give Bay Area Floor Machine Co. a call. We have a variety of truckmounts for sale that will get the job done right. One popular truckmount we sell is the Cleanco compact 47. When you purchase a Cleanco compact direct drive truckmount like this one, you will have extra cargo space in your van. Extra space allows for the other equipment you have that is necessary to get your jobs done each day to fit in your van.

Truck Mounts Perfect for Your Business

These truckmounts for sale come with high heat capability, powerful performance, fuel efficiency, compact design, safety features, and an industry leading warranty of 5 years. To top it off, if something were to go wrong outside of your warranty, we are an authorized repair shop to fix your cleaner. We service Cleanco, Hydramaster, MasterBlend, Prochem, and Sapphire Scientific brands. Truckmount floor cleaners are the best choice for compact cleaning for your company. Did you know that truckmount floor cleaners are capable of significantly higher cleaning temperatures? The high temperatures are effective in keeping the cleaning agents as active as possible. The result of using truckmounts are a cleaner surface with no residue left behind. Truckmounts are also capable of higher pressure with steam, higher vacuum levels, and faster cleaning. Did we mention that there is less mess and disruption for your clients? There’s no leaving to fill up buckets of water, or to empty the machine, or even carrying the machine to the door.

Our truckmounts have their own waste tanks on board and hook up directly to a water supply. So, the only time you need to stop is when the job has been completed! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Whether you’re searching for truckmounts near me or want to find the best cleaning option for your needs, give Bay Area Floor Co. a call. We will help you decide which truckmount suits your needs the best.

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