Tomcat Sport Floor Scrubber San Jose CA

As the owner of an industrial or commercial space, you might have heard of the benefits a tomcat sport floor scrubber offers for your San Jose CA business. If that’s the case, then visit the Bay Area Floor Machine Co. to purchase one of these beautiful machines. Tomcat is the top name in industrial cleaning machines, and their floor scrubber dryer units are second-to-none. The tomcat sport, in particular, offers a simple design and unmatched ease-of-use for your employees. The walk-behind design makes it easy to clean corners and other tight areas, leaving your space cleaner than ever before.

What Should I Choose It?

This floor scrubber dryer is durable and easy-to-repair. Of course, we also service all of our floor scrubbers, whether you need on-site service from our factory trained personnel or are able to send your machine to our repair facility, located in San Jose. Because we keep a huge inventory of OEM machine parts in-stock, we can fix any component of your tomcat sport floor scrubber, getting it back to factory condition in no time. Plus, we always field test all of our repairs. Why waste time with multiple visits or repair technicians who don’t know the intricacies of your machine? With repair work from Bay Area Floor Machine Co., we know your equipment inside and out--we can even help set you up with regularly scheduled maintenance, so that your tomcat sport floor scrubber in San Jose CA can keep your business in great condition for you, your employees, and your customers.

Experienced facilities directors understand the need for professional equipment and qualified service people who can keep those components running right. That’s why they work with Bay Area Floor Machine Co. We provide floor machines to Sunnyvale, San Jose, and Palo Alto. Our professionals are waiting to hear from you, to help you improve the looks of your business and the comfort of your employees. Call us today to learn more at (408) 971-1230.

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