Sanitation Equipment Fremont

An essential element of a robust COVID-19 response, is effective, reliable sanitation equipment for your Fremont operation. Health organizations recommend first cleaning surfaces using soap and warm water. Although temperatures of 80 degrees kill the layer of fat that protects viruses, these same organizations recognize that sanitation machines capable of 140-150 degrees are required to disperse most viruses. With an inventory loaded with commercial cleaning models, such as the Windsor Mister-X and the FlexSpray Handheld sprayers, Bay Area Floor Machine offers dependable, affordable commercial cleaning equipment from the most reputable makers!

The Mister-X can turn any extractor into a misting tool for easy application of disinfecting solutions. The manufacturer, Windsor, recommends applying Vital Oxide to clean a wide variety of surfaces and hard to reach corners and crevices. It’s a very simple process to connect the Mister-X with ¼ inch quick-connect and fill the reservoir of your extractor with disinfectant.

To ensure proper dwell times, an accumulator regulates pressure so that the unit sprays 50-micron particles. Harnessing the power of airless and the control of a high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) device into one versatile sprayer, the FlexSpray is the right tool for many of our clients. Designed for professionals who spray a variety of coatings with multiple applications, the FlexSpray has 50 feet of hose and two different tips for varying disinfectant flow-rates. Explore all of our commercial disinfection equipment and supplies.

We have the largest selection of commercial floor and sanitation machines in a wide price range. We also offer high-quality service and repair on-site at your business or our convenient location near the intersection of the 101 and 880 freeways. Our friendly customer service staff ask the right questions and have the experience and knowledge to make sure your equipment fits your needs and budget. For sanitation equipment in Fremont, call Bay Area Floor Machine at 408-971-1230 today!

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