Saber Scrubber

Saber Scrubber

Due to increased wear from heavy foot and equipment traffic, commercial spaces require commercial floor cleaning equipment and the Saber Compact 20” commercial automatic scrubber is a rugged machine designed to provide years of maximum performance for your commercial space. At Bay Area Floor Machine, we offer only the best commercial floor scrubbers, and because we are specialists, we can offer you more floor machine options for less money! We also service and repair commercial floor machines, including this Saber scrubber, at our San Jose location, so you can feel comfortable knowing that no matter what your commercial floor cleaning need is, we can provide a solution!

Why Choose the Saber Scrubber?

The Saber Compact 20” commercial automatic scrubber is a walk-behind machine that offers simple operation and large tanks to increase productivity so that your floors will remain free of dirt and grit that can harm equipment and operations. With a 14-gallon solution tank and a 16-gallon recovery tank, you will spend more time cleaning and less time emptying and refilling tanks. The ergonomic handles and simple controls further increase productivity by making operation streamlined and simple. Saber is known for having fewer parts that are more accessible which makes repair easier and improves uptime. With all of this built-in efficiency and 55 pounds of pad pressure, you can clean nearly 10,000 square feet per hour for years and years to come. This Saber scrubber is even available in brush/pad assist drive or traction drive!

Our expertise goes beyond the sale of brand new scrubbers.

We can repair and service nearly every piece of commercial floor cleaning equipment at our facility in San Jose. We also offer on-site service of your equipment, sending out our factory-trained technicians to come to your location and inspect, diagnose and troubleshoot your machine, including installation of new batteries and proper disposal of old batteries. Your machine is always floor tested before we leave, so you can be certain that your equipment will work when you need it.

At Bay Area Floor Machine, we know the importance of keeping your floors sparkling clean with an efficiently running floor machine; if you are looking for a new commercial machine, or in need of service or repair of your current model, contact us today at 408-971-1230 or visit us in San Jose conveniently located near the 101 and 880 freeway interchange.

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