Redline Powder Prespray San Jose CA

Redline Powder Prespray is the ultimate liquid traffic lane cleaner that can handle even the most soiled traffic lanes. Clean dirt, grease, and other heavy soiling with ease with this heavily concentrated powder pre-spray cleaner that’s safe to use even on stain-resist carpeting. When you need the most effective cleaning solutions, equipment, or supplies, contact Bay Area Floor Machine Co! We’ve been the leaders in floor maintenance supplies in San Jose CA for over 30 years.

Outperform the Competition

Redline Powder Prespray outperforms any of the competition, offering the quality you’ve come to expect from Redline Chemicals. It consistently receives rave reviews from cleaning professionals, making it the number one prespray of choice. It has a ready use pH of 10.0 and is super concentrated, making it an extremely cost-effective cleaner. To use, mix 2 scoops (2 ounces) of Redline Powder Prespray per gallon of hot water and apply directly to the area. It can be used with an in-line sprayer as well; mix 6 scoops per 5 quarts of water and spray the soiled area using a 10:1 tip. Then rinse and extract the carpet. Quickly and easily break down even the heaviest stains and soiling on residential or commercial grade carpeting!

We’re dedicated in providing finest, most effective cleaning supplies and equipment available in the San Jose CA area. We offer a complete line of commercial strength, highly effective cleaning solutions that will help you clean any type of flooring quickly and easily, as well as high quality cleaning equipment, repairs and service for all your floor maintenance needs. Stop by the store to browse our selection or give us a call today at 408-971-1230.

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