Nilfisk Attix 44-22 San Jose CA

Every business needs a wet-dry vac, so if you’re in the market for a new one, consider the Nilfisk Attix 44-22 from San Jose CA’s Bay Area Floor Machine Co. This wet-dry vac is perfect for light applications, and can be used in workshops, garages, and more. With an airflow of 145 cubic feet per minute, and a 92 inch water lift, it will get your commercial space cleaner, faster. Or, if control of allergens is a concern in your workshop, the Nilfisk Attix 44-21 IC HEPA Dust Extractor is also available. These units--and more cleaning solutions available for your business--can be seen in our San Jose showroom, where our sales employees can help explain all the benefits a Nilfisk Attix unit can bring to you.

Easy To Use Equipment

We know that top facilities directors care about more than just cleanliness. Ease of operation and training are also important. Our Nilfisk Attix 44-21 IC HEPA Dust Extractor features a soft start so that your employees won’t blow a fuse while cleaning, as well as a convenient automatic tool start and a longer cord for use anywhere in your facility. And for deeper stains and messes, our sales people can guide you through a variety of cleaning solutions that will lift the deepest set-in grime or coffee stains. Before you know it, your workshop or garage will be cleaner than it’s ever been, all thanks to the people at Bay Area Floor Machine Co.

Want To Learn More?

To view the Nilfisk Attix 44-22 in San Jose CA, just look at our website or stop by our showroom. We have this, and a variety of other products available for commercial and professional use. Our cleaning specialists understand the complex needs of your facility, and we can’t wait to help guide you toward a better, cleaner business. Call us today at (408) 971-1230 if you’d like to learn more.

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