Industrial Floor Scrubber San Jose CA

Industrial Floor Scrubber San Jose CA

An industrial floor scrubber in San Jose CA is a fabulous investment for your company. Why is that? An industrial floor cleaning machine will save you time, and money. An industrial floor cleaning machine can get the job done in a fraction of time compared to using a mop. It is less harsh on the body, without all the manual labor required to clean floors manually. This means that there is no wasted energy, and your team of workers can complete more tasks in a day than ever before! It is faster and provides a better clean. What are you waiting for? Visit our store and meet our professionals that will help you decide which industrial floor scrubber in San Jose CA is right for you.

The Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine You Need

There are two types of floor scrubbers; the walk behind and the ride-on. The one that is best for your company depends on several variables. How big is the area you’re trying to clean? How wide are the floors? Are there a lot of tight corners? Inform us today about what you’ll be using your industrial floor cleaning machine to accomplish. Bay Area Floor Machine Company will get you situated with the right industrial floor cleaning machine. We sell high end brands such as:

  • Tomcat
  • Factory Cat
  • Windsor
  • Minuteman
  • Pacific Floorcare
  • Clarke
  • Viper
  • Karcher

We offer repair for all makes and models of your industrial floor cleaning machine. No need to worry about finding someone to repair your companies’ machine. We will even come to you for mobile repair. Our goal is to make the repair process as stress free as possible and get your machine back on the job quickly and efficiently.

Give our team at Bay Area Floor Machine Co a call today to learn more about our industrial floor scrubber in San Jose CA.

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