Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Milpitas

For the best selection of industrial floor cleaning machines in the Milpitas area, come visit the Bay Area Floor Machine Co. warehouse in San Jose. We offer a wide range of floor scrubbers, truckmounts, burnishers, carpet cleaners, vacuums, and much more. Whether you’re investing in your own professional cleaning business or looking to purchase your own equipment for your office building, we can promise to offer you the best industrial floor cleaning machines available on the market today.

Your Source for Equipment, Accessories, and Maintenance

There are any number of reasons to purchase your own industrial floor cleaning machines for your Milpitas business, though most of those reasons boil down to convenience and reducing costs. Whatever your reason, you can always expect our professional and courteous staff to answer your questions and guide you toward the best industrial floor cleaning machines to suit your needs. Once you’ve chosen your new machine, we’ll offer you free training so you feel comfortable on your equipment and set up a scheduled maintenance plan to help you keep you machine operating optimally for many years to come. An equipment failure can be expensive, and coming in for regular maintenance is the best way to catch potential problems before them become pricey issues. We use OEM parts and our trained staff will repair and maintain any floor cleaning equipment without voiding the warranty, regardless of whether or not we sold it to you.

In addition to selling new equipment and offering repairs and maintenance, we also sell cleaning accessories, solutions, and OEM parts. All of your needs will be covered when you come to us. We even install or replace truckmounts, perform complete pump rebuilds, offer blower replacement, solution hose repair, and tool repairs. Need a new battery? We’ve got that covered, as well. If you have any questions at all about what we do and which parts we carry, all you have to do is call.

Please call 408-971-1230 to set up an appointment or speak to a representative about picking up any industrial floor cleaning machines for your Milpitas business.

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