Floor Scrubbing Machine Santa Clara CA

This is a great time to consider investing in a floor scrubbing machine for your Santa Clara CA business or office. Not only will it save you costs in the long run by avoiding upcharges from the middle man or saving on custodial costs altogether, it’ll also give you the ability to keep your office presentable anytime. At Bay Area Floor Machine Co., we provide sales of new equipment, including a burnisher or walk behind floor scrubber, as well as repairs and maintenance using OEM parts and training. Concerned that you don’t know how to use your new equipment? No problem – our team offers a complimentary training session with every purchase.

Helping You Choose the Right Floor Scrubber

In addition to new equipment and maintenance, we also provide an extensive catalogue of cleaning solutions, accessories, brushes, and more. We only carry equipment and accessories of the highest quality, even when we offer floor sale or box sales. You can occasionally find great deals on merchandise that was superficially damaged during shipping, but when we sell such models, we always ensure that they operate exactly as intended so you’re getting all of the features you need.

Choosing the right floor scrubbing machine for your Santa Clara company can be daunting, whether you’re picking one up for your cleaning business or you’d like to keep on at your company’s office for your custodial staff to use. If you have questions or concerns, our knowledgeable staff will always be here to help you parse the details and select the walk behind floor scrubber, floor buffer, or vacuum that’s best for you. There may be multiple factors worth considering, such as the size of your facility, which surfaces you’ll be dealing with, and the budget you have to spend. Hard floors and carpet must be treated differently, so bear that in mind.

Our warehouse is located in San Jose CA and you can reach us at 408-971-1230. We provide a full selection of floor cleaners, scrubbers, vacuums, truckmounts, and much more. If you have questions or are interested in seeing a floor scrubbing machine that will work for you and your Santa Clara business, please call and let us know. You’re welcome to visit the showroom during our hours of operation.

Questions? Call us at 408.971.1230