Floor Cleaning Machine Milpitas CA

Ready to invest in your own floor cleaning machine for your Milpitas CA business? Doing so can save you not only a fair few headaches, but also cleaning bills. At Bay Area Floor Machine Co., we’ve been doing what we do for 30 years and doing it well. We sell, rent, service, and repair industrial cleaning equipment, whether it’s a vacuum or a floor scrubber machine. We’re your number one spot in the San Jose area for quality equipment and parts for your industrial cleaners.

Providing the Right Equipment to Save You Time and Money

Owning your own cleaning equipment offers you a lot of flexibility when it comes to custodial costs. You’re able to smoothly transition between cleaning companies if one isn’t working out or you find better pricing elsewhere, and you also don’t have to worry about your cleaning crew providing their own equipment and hauling it around, which has the potential to reduce liability. Once you own your new floor cleaning machine, you can use it at any of your Milpitas commercial properties to ensure a clean environment at any time. You may even want to learn to use the equipment yourself, which we’re happy to assist with. When you purchase a sander, extractor, pressure washer, or floor scrubber machine from us, we’ll include a free training session, so you can understand how to use your new machine.

Once you own industrial cleaning equipment, the best way to keep it in functioning order for as long as possible is to make sure it gets regular service. Our team can do service and repairs without voiding a machine’s warranty, even if you didn’t purchase it with us. Check back often for great deals on OEM parts for any floor cleaning machine you use in the Milpitas area. If you’re not exactly sure what you need to keep your business clean, you can come see us at our warehouse anytime for more information or to have a look at our inventory. We stock a wide range of brands from Tomcat to Windsor and much more.

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