Enz All San Jose CA

When you’re dealing with stubborn staining from organic proteins, you need a powerful emulsifier like Enz All. Chemspec Enz All utilizes enzymic action to quickly and efficiently remove stubborn protein-based staining like urine, blood, or cooking oils, leaving behind a clean, deodorized surface. Useful on carpeting or hard surfaces, this product is extremely alkaline (11.5 – 12.5) and able to cut through the most difficult staining and grease spots – even grease that can’t be removed with high-pressure extraction. If you have troublesome stains and soils that refuse to budge, visit us at Bay Area Flooring Co. We’ve supplied San Jose CA with the most effective commercial grade cleaning chemicals, equipment, and accessories for over 30 years! 

Your Commercial Floor Cleaning Partner

Enz All Carpet Cleaning is THE performance leader for protein and greasy soils, making it an excellent choice for food service or health care environments. Enz All comes as a water-soluble powder and has an indefinite shelf life while undiluted; once diluted, it’s effective for 12 to 24 hours. For best results, Enz All should always be mixed fresh. Chemspec Enz All is safe to use on a range of surfaces at different dilutions; it can be used on synthetic and wool carpets, sheet vinyl, VCT tile, and various types of hard commercial flooring. Always check the manufacturer’s mixing instructions for the specific flooring you plan to use it on.

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