E20 Automatic Scrubber

E20 Automatic Scrubber

Are your floors stained and scuffed? Is your current commercial floor scrubber old and unreliable? The Minuteman E20 Scrubber may be exactly what you and your floor needs. At Bay Area Floor Machine, we carry the widest selection of walk-behind floor scrubbers in the San Jose area, including top brands like Pacific Floorcare, Saber, Hawk, and more, as well as a wide product range of other types of floor cleaners, accessories, and products. We also repair and service nearly every type of machine, so that you only have to know one name for all of your commercial floor cleaning equipment needs—Bay Area Floor Machine!

Why Do We Like the E20 Automatic Scrubber?

We are not a big-box store and we only offer machines that we stand behind—and this includes the E20 Automatic Scrubber which performs daily scrubbing and floor finish removal to clean and restore your commercial floor. Brush loading and unloading are as easy as the turn of a switch and the operator never has to manually remove the brushes or adjust squeegee height, saving time and money. The 12-gallon solution tank and 13-gallon recovery tank is easy to clean and will keep the machine running longer before having to empty and refill tanks. The ergonomic and adjustable handle gives superior handling while the speed adjusts with a simple turn of an easy-to-reach dial. With superior traction, an operator can clean nearly 14,000 square feet per hour with the E20 Automatic Scrubber.

We don’t just sell new floor scrubbers; we also sell:

Additionally, we repair and service existing cleaners, plus sell a dizzying inventory of products and accessories. We are quite literally your one-stop shop for all of your commercial floor cleaning equipment!

To learn more about our entire stock of floor scrubbers, including the Minuteman E20 Scrubber, call Bay Area Floor Machine today at 408-971-1230 or visit us in the heart of San Jose. We’re open Monday through Friday and can’t wait to help you make your commercial floor look and function like brand-new!

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