Automatic Floor Scrubber Union City

Looking for an automatic floor scrubber in Union City? At Bay Area Floor Machine Co. we serve business and property owners throughout the bay area and offer a selection of the best automatic floor scrubbers in the business. We will go above and beyond to help inform you on the merits of our products, ensuring that you walk away with the confidence of knowing you made the right choice for your business or facility.

Why You Should Choose Your Equipment

Choosing to own your own cleaning equipment offers considerable benefits for your institution. Buying an automatic floor scrubber for your Union City janitorial business or facility can save money in the long run. It helps save money on custodial costs and provides the peace of mind knowing that your staff will have access to high quality equipment, ensuring that you are going to get a quality finish at the end of every job. We offer affordable products of the highest quality, thanks to the fact that we are not a “big box store”, and instead choose to focus on specialized equipment designed for specific services. The level of quality is not just limited to products, as our team possesses a level of expertise that simply cannot be overstated. They know the floor cleaning business inside and out and will walk you through the entire process to provide you with the best automatic floor scrubber for your institution’s needs. If you have been hesitant to finally take the plunge and get your own equipment because you were not confident in your ability to properly use it, not a problem! We offer complimentary training on every purchase to ensure that you are getting the most out of your equipment.

You can be sure that we do not take the term of the best automatic floor scrubbers in Union City lightly. We are confident that the quality of our service and products will more than live up to the title. Find out for yourself by calling us at (408) 971-1230, we will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns!

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