Skunk Odor Control Severe Odor Counteractant


Skunk Odor Control Severe Odor Counteractant is formulated to eliminate the most difficult odors such as skunk, severe urine, and dead animal.  It is the number one product against skunk odor and other difficult odors such as cat urine.  Skunk Odor Control  is an effective water-based odor counteractant.


This concentrate is designed to be diluted with water and then applied by wet fogging or spraying the affected areas. Works on contact.

For use on all water-safe surfaces: carpet, upholstery, fabric, vinyl, concrete, sealed wood, tile, grout, animal cages, trash cans, etc.

Ready to use pH is 5.8

Formulated to meet or exceed all established standards of wool fiber producers and fifth generation stain resistant carpet manufacturers.


Mix 1 part Skunk Odor Control with 10 parts water (12 oz. per gallon). Apply by sprayer or wet fogger directly to the contaminated area. After use, clean all textile surfaces using the hot water extraction method. Cover all wood surfaces on upholstery prior to using product.  
Caution: May etch metal surfaces.