Groom Solutions

Bay Area Floor Machine Company is proud to offer a large selection of floor cleaning products from Groom Solutions, including multi-purpose cleaning solutions, commercial carpet spot remover, gum remover, ink remover, cleaners for high traffic areas, environmentally friendly cleaners, and more. These items are available to you are our low prices, and sold by experts who understand floor cleaning and maintenance. When you meet with one of our floor cleaning consultants, you are meeting with a highly qualified, trained professional that understands and respects the nature of our business. We will help you do the right job for every cleaning task.

Amongst our items from Groom Solutions are various types of carpet spot remover such as the Gum Gel, which removes chewing gum and other types of gummy or tacky adhesives. The Lift-Ink Carpet Spotter is a commercial carpet spot remover specifically designed to eliminate stains caused from ink, dye, or markers. The Triplephase Stain Remover works in 3 phases to eradicate stains by altering their structure, prohibiting them to return. It works for a large range of stain offenders such as mustard, coffee, pigments, wood stain, or biological enzymes. The Citrus Burst Booster is a multi-purpose solution that can be used on carpet, upholstery, and other fabrics. It can even be added to carpet extractors. The Perky Spotter is a water-based environmentally friendly all-purpose spot remover for carpet, upholstery, or clothing.

To learn more about Groom Solutions, and to see our entire line of their products and others, stop in Bay Area Floor Machine Company, the area’s leading experts in industrial floor cleaning.