Floor Scrubbers vs Mops

Are you still using a traditional mop and bucket to clean your commercial space? There’s a reason that many residential homes have given up on mops and turned to other tools to clean their floors. Mops use a lot of water and effort while smearing dirty water across your space. Sometimes it feels like the floors are getting dirtier instead of cleaner!

Fortunately, there is another option. If you have a commercial space like a gym, office, retail store, educational center, or religious institution, you understand the importance of keeping a clean facility. Clean surfaces help to ensure the health and safety of your patrons, while keeping your facility looking nice. But traditional mops are inefficient, messy, and time consuming. There’s got to be a better way. Floor scrubbers provide an easier and faster solution. Never worry about dirty floors again!

Maximize Productivity

Whether you are a small business owner that manages all jobs – including cleaning – or a large organization with a janitorial staff, you want to maximize productivity while minimizing output. Speeding up the floor cleaning process allows you or your employees to focus on other tasks. Floor scrubbers, either push or ride-on models, allow one person to quickly clean a large area. Instead of the repetitive, work intensive movement of pushing a heavy mop and bucket around, the floor scrubber easily glides across the floor, reducing the effort needed to clean the space.

In addition to speed of work, floors will dry faster using a floor scrubber as well. A traditional mop and bucket use a lot of water and leaves the floor wet. This can be a hazard for patrons visiting your space as they can slip and fall. A floor scrubber uses significantly less water, decreasing dry time and slip risk.

Instead of having a janitor spend hours to mop with a raggedy mophead and dirty bucket of water, invest in a floor scrubber that will minimize the time you spend cleaning the floors while maximizing cleanliness and appearance. Find your floor scrubber at Bay Area Floor Machine Co!

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