Choosing a Truckmount

Choosing a Truckmount

So you’ve decided to start a carpet cleaning business. Or perhaps you already have a thriving business and need to replace old equipment. Whatever your needs, Bay Area Floor Machine Co. can help. Here is our advice when choosing a truckmount:

  • Buy a machine that matches your needs.
    Truckmounts are excellent for entrepreneurs getting into the carpet cleaning business. They offer a versatile, mobile, steady business opportunity. But be sure to look into the specs of each machine and be realistic about your needs. There’s no reason to buy the biggest machine if you don’t need it. Talking to an experienced floor machine sales representative can help you determine your current business needs and how to plan for growth in your business.

  • We do not recommend buying a used machine unless it is through Bay Area Floor Machine Co.
    Truckmounts and other commercial floor cleaning equipment are complicated machinery. Unfortunately, people do sell equipment that is defective, outdated, not operating at full capacity, or simply broken. If you buy the equipment thinking it is fully operational, you will not get to use the machine right away (if at all) and you have to pay a reputable repair center to fix it. Bay Area Floor Machine Co. will happily repair your machine – but we want to make sure you get the right equipment for your needs the first time around.

  • Research carefully.
    Look at all the specifications and details regarding the machine. How much room will be left in the rig after the truckmount is installed? The CDS leaves you with the most floor space of any direct drive truckmount available today. Is there a warranty? The Cleanco Compact 45 offers a 5 year Extend-A-Care Warranty.  What is the high heat temperature? What is the fuel efficiency? Dual or single wand? What are the safety features? Know everything about your equipment and its ongoing maintenance needs before you invest.

If you’re choosing a truckmount, get expert advice. Come to Bay Area Floor Machine Co. to find your next truckmount.

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